It's the cry heard around the world; GOOOAALLLL! Nothing can fill a persons body with more excitement then when announcer shouts it. As the player that scored does a victory lap stopping in front of fans as their team swarms them congratulating them. It's universal in over 200 countries and brings people from all over together.


Then there's the saying TOUCHDOWN, which has a certain ring to it and certainly brings a rush of excitement to fans. With only 80 countries in the organization though the unity is much smaller and the comrade more sparse.


Between the two it makes sense that you'd have more luck winning any type of bet with a sport that has more teams and more fans than one that is distinctly smaller. While football is played during a season, soccer can be played throughout the year; increasing ones chances of winning. When watching the sport you can feel the excitement and the tension as the clock keeps ticking and nobody has scored yet. Then when they do the outburst of adrenaline and happiness when the ball connects with the net is palpable through the screen.


One can make the argument that with football's season being short it makes when you win even more monumental and celebratory. There are also more quarters to bet on during; with the game being split into four quarters. So guessing the score after each one can win you big.


When it comes down to it, which would you rather try your hand at. One where the odds are 200+ or one where the season is 5 short months? For more information you may check on trang cá độ bóng đá uy tín nhất Việt Nam do 188loto đánh giá.